Tombstone Arizona Travel Tips

Tombstone Arizona is a fun and unique place to learn what life was like in the Old West of America in the late 19th century. There are lots of resources online to help with your visit so I am just going to touch on a few tips I have learned from the visitors I have driven to and from Tombstone. Also from personal experience as my wife and I live near Tombstone and visit several times a year. I will not recommend or dissuade any Attractions, Shops or Restaurants because everyone has different likes and dislikes. I just hope to dispense some helpful tips.

Where to stay in Tombstone:

Tombstone is a small town and everything to see is an easy walk for a reasonably mobile person. One exception is lodging. Most Motels and Inns are located in town but The Tombstone Grand and The Lookout Lodge are about 0.6 miles out of town. There is no sidewalk or walkway from these two hotels to downtown Tombstone so you will be walking on the road with fairly fast traffic. So… If you do not have a vehicle I suggest that you select lodging in town if possible. Also, Tombstone has a few annual festivals where lodging is booked up a year in advance or more. Be sure to check if lodging is available before you book a flight.

The Weather:

The month of June is the hottest with the average high temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius). July and August have the most rain. Usually in the evening. Us desert dwellers love the rain so don’t be surprised to see locals standing outside staring at the first few rain drops of the season. You may also get to see some awesome thunderstorms in these two months. In October the weather starts to cool down. Even on the hottest days here in the High Desert of Cochise County, the temperatures drop after the sun sets and the nights are very pleasant. The winters are mild but the nights in October thru March can be very cold so bring a jacket.


Tombstone has many restaurants. My passengers tell me the food is surprisingly good and I agree. Visitors from overseas often comment on the large portions. Tip: There are no grocery stores in Tombstone but there is a large well stocked convenience store .3 miles away (Circle K). If your lodging has a refrigerator you can buy bread, sandwich meat, condiments, chips/crisps, snacks and beverages to enjoy as an inexpensive meal.

The Locals:

The old west tradition continues. Look locals you straight in the eye. Smile, be sincere and they will reciprocate. Tombstone is a small town and most of the people you will meet reside there. The locals love showing off their town and truly want you to enjoy your stay.

Tucson Airport to Tombstone Arizona Transportation:

Sierra Vista Shuttle LLC will pick up you and your party at Tucson International Airport and transport up to four passengers to your Tombstone Hotel, Motel, Cabin or Residence. The ride is about 1 hour and 10 minutes in a comfortable Toyota Sienna Minivan thru the beautiful, rugged Sonoran / Chihuahua Desert to Tombstone Arizona. Your driver will also provide you with Tombstone Visitors Maps and Magazines when available. We hope to see you here soon!